eVSxl – Virtual Microscopy

Virtual Microscopy is a turnkey solution for complementing and/or replacing your traditional microscope as well as glass slides based labs. Medical Education Institutions which extensively uses microscope as well as glass slides for their micro anatomy, micro biology, cellular study as well as pathology sessions can benefit from eVSxl by saving thousands of dollars spent on traditional lab setup as well as maintenance and logistics.
eVSxl is a packaged solution of a digital slide system meant for education and a growing Whole Slide Image library of over 1500 images. Images under Histology, Histopathology, Hematology, Cytology and Microbiology categories are currently available while new slides and categories are continuously added throughout the year. Institutions adopting eVSxl will have a complete system that runs on the existing  IT infrastructure and typically cost a fraction of what takes for traditional labs.

In addition to the cost savings, eVSxl grants unprecedented access to the students to use and learn 24/7. Tutors are free now to conduct their lab sessions in their classroom with all students using their laptops or tablets to access the system as well as the content. Exams are conducted with far less effort. Offsite lab sessions are built in where students located in a different location can follow the tutors leading a lab session. A worry free solution that pays for itself in the long term.

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Specific advantages of using eVSxl Virtual Microscopy system include:

  1. Definite and enormous cost savings over the traditional set up.
  2. Unprecedented access to all users.
  3. No more breakages, fading and replacement costs as in traditional labs.
  4. No more logistical issues about storage of slides and microscopes.
  5. No more scheduling lab sessions. Lab sessions can be conducted in a classroom or even remotely.
  6. Rare slides can be accessed by everyone year after year
  7. Great learning features like annotation, labeling as well as sharing options.
  8. Great tool to conduct practical exams easily and effectively.
  9. A robust and secure software system that protects and disseminates content.
  10. A growing collection of WSIs that contributes hugely to your library.

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