Cyber-Anatomy Med VR

Cyber-Anatomy Med VR™ is an innovative system (hardware and software) for interacting with and visualizing anatomy.

The system is built on advanced engineering and simulation technologies. Building upon the award winning software application called Cyber-Anatomy Med™, this system allows users to see in 3D, perceiving spatial relationships like never before.

Elsevier, the publisher of the world's standards in anatomy (Gray's Anatomy and the Netter Atlas) has selected Cyber-Anatomy to launch the most innovative products

Cyber-Anatomy Med VR systems are used by health professionals and students at every level to show or learn anatomy.  A user of the Med version, for example, can fully interact with the anatomy to "Peel" muscles, follow nerve roots, examine skeletal anatomical landmarks, understand muscle insertions and origins, and look at minute details of organs.

Cyber-Anatomy Med  







Cyber-Anatomy sets the standard in medical-level anatomy education:
Cyber-Anatomy Med VR™ is an advanced virtual reality turnkey system for learning anatomy. It offers 3D immersive stereographics technology that allows a user to visualize and to interact with complex anatomy through an intuitive and easy approach while in 3D. This is a turnkey solution. Cyber-Anatomy Med VR™ is an advanced virtual reality turnkey system for learning anatomy. It offers 3D immersive technology that allows a user to visualize and interact with complex anatomy through an intuitive and easy approach.
This is a solution to answering the world's cadaver supply problems. The revolutionary system is comprised of an all-in-one box system and active 3D glasses that allow the user to set up in a matter of seconds. Educators and students are then able to dissect and manipulate anatomical structures while fully immersed in virtual reality. Cyber-Anatomy Med VR™ was developed by using the latest technological advancements adopted from gaming and graphics and by medical imaging and modeling methods that have only became available in recent years. The combined expertise of engineering simulation, programming, and medical imaging have rendered Cyber-Anatomy's products fundamentally unique in the market.

  • The World's Most Advanced Medical Level Anatomy Education and Dissection
    • Both male and female detailed anatomy
  • • 3D interactive models contain the minutest of details
  • • Interact directly with the anatomy (put your cursor on a structure and remove to reveal other structures)
  • • Over 4,300 structures modeled in 3D
  • • Over 13,000 anatomical landmarks, labeled
  • • Over 2,000 cryogenic cross-sectional images
  • • Over 10 sets of CT/MR sections throughout the body
  • • Ability to dissect, explode, hide, transparent and many other interactive tools
  • • Search and hieracrchial structures linked to a database of Anatomica Terminologia

  • ‪These systems provide for a superb method for learning anatomy that includes: ‬
    • An easy-to-use, intuitive interface
  • • Real-time interactivity, allowing instant access to the anatomy
  • • Search techniques using the Terminologia Anatomica standard
  • • Ability to dissect anatomy through a regional or systemic approach
  • • Transparency mode - to look inside the body and various layers
  • • Hide / Unhide tool - to examine various layers simultaneously


Not only does Cyber-Anatomy Med™ anatomy software provide these remarkable features, it also allows the student or teacher complete interaction and control of what is being studied. Comprehension andretention are elevated when the student can visualize and manipulate the anatomical structures in this manner.

By using Cyber-Anatomy's patented visualization methods, students are able not only to view structures, but the interconnection of structures in a system - a fully comprehensive solution.

Maintenance and support
One year full warranty for all equipment and software. Additional warranties are also available.

Installation and training
Cyber-Anatomy™ software is intuitive and simple to install. Training is offered upon request.